Mobile Services

In the modern age of information and communication systems, mobile devices are a necessity for each and every person. The use and development of mobile apps have become a new and rapidly growing sector. Mobile apps can be used for financial transactions, communication, shopping, social networking, entertainment, etc. A successful business needs mobile app services within itself or to communicate with its clients in real time.

DoubleBridge offers mobile services to help the clients advance their business in this increasing mobile world. The services our technical expertise team provided include development and customization over a range of platforms, both on single platform and on cross platform.

Mobile App Platforms:

  • iPhone
    iPhone is a smart multimedia phone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is a revolutionary device with modern and sophisticated features. High quality IPhone apps have real uses and functions in many aspects. Whether the app is for business or entertainment, we want to make it smart, clever, relevant and cool.
    Our team at DoubleBridge consists of designers, engineers, and testers versed in technologies which are crucial for IPhone app development. We have expertise in the following technologies:
    • iPhone Software Development Kit(SDK)
    • iOS
    • Mac OS X
    • Cocoa
    • Objective-C
    • AppleScript
    • XCode IDE
    • Interface Builder
    • Web Service Integration
    • Safari Web Kit Extensions
    • Database API
    • Location API
  • iPad
    iPad has several features and functions similar with iPhone. And almost every app in iPhone could be accessed on iPad. It has a significantly larger screen than other apple devices, giving it better graphics and extensive battery power. iPad app provides a better user experience on a user friendly tablet, and it can be used to fulfill the needs in various fields such as business, email, eBooks, entertainment, games, web, publishing, etc. Its light-weight and easy-to-use characteristics make it a favorite tool among business professionals and students.
  • Android
    Android, an open-source, Linux-based operating system developed by Google. Integration and development of a third party application is relatively easier and cheaper than all Apple's devices. More and more people are switching to Android-based smartphones and thus requires a tremendous amount of demands for Android application development, especially for different business types. Such as business oriented apps, document readers, entertainment, social networking , Android OS competent websites, security apps, GPS tracking, travel apps, utility apps, etc.
    Our Android app development team at DoubleBridge possesses great programming skills and excellent creativity. We do offer services based on the following technologies:
    • Android Software Development Kit(SDK)
    • Linux OS
    • Java
    • Activity Lifecycle
    • Content Provider
    • Broadcast Receiver
    • Server
    • Location API
    • Database API
    • Web Service Integration
  • Windows Phone 8
    DoubleBridge Technologies assembled a team of developers with extensive experiences and professional skills in Windows phone device development. By using Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile-supported technologies, we are able to offer various kinds of application to our client.
    • Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010/2012, eVC++ 4.0
    • IMAPI
    • SQLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP
    • Web Services/SOAP/XML
    • .Net Based Platform
    • Windows Media Player for Audio and Video
  • BlackBerry
    BlackBerry phone is the most popular mobile device in the corporate sector. RIM, the manufacturer, is devoted towards the business segment and continually developing new devices that are enhanced and customized to meet the requirements of business professionals. BlackBerry also offers update with the latest features for their mobile device's client in order to achieve better performance and efficiency.
    Our team at DoubleBridge is well versed with the following advanced technologies:
    • Client/Server Applications
    • Advertisement Applications
    • Entertainment Applications
    • Wireless Solutions
    • Internet based Solutions
    • Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME)
    • BlackBerry Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS)

We work close with our clients from the outset, to help capture and enable their vision and to turn it into a fully developed and manageable project. From app design, development, testing, and right through to submission to appropriate App Store, DoubleBridge provides complete suite of Mobile App Development services.

DoubleBridge Services:

  • Concept Consultation & Development
  • Project Planning
  • Functional Specification & Documentation
  • Wireframing & Design / Visualization
  • Full Artwork Service
  • Developer Partnering
  • Development and UA Testing
  • App Store Submission / Deployment