Scanning and Indexing Services

An organization that cannot locate, retrieve and manage its own intellectual property not only reduces its operational efficiency but also runs the risk of being at odds with regulatory and legal compliances requirements. The volume, criticality and complexity of the information produced by companies today can no longer rely upon overloaded, inefficient paper-based processes of the previous century. DoubleBridge Technologies offers professional Scanning, Indexing and Document Management services to bridge the gaps in your enterprise.

Scanning Services

There are many companies that still depend heavily on paper documents to run mission-critical business processes. Managing, retrieving and referencing increasingly large volumes of paper documents is a burdensome, complex and time-consuming task that distracts staff from applying their time and knowledge to vital activities in their jobs. DoubleBridge Technologies' Scanning Services converts all your business-critical documents and hardcopy content into industry standard electronic formats, for example, PDF, JPEG, and TIFF. In doing so, your critical information becomes more manageable, accessible, and risk is reduced significantly by creating online backups of important business information.

The benefits:

  • Easily accessible, secure copies of critical information
  • Increased regulatory and legal compliance
  • Improvement in business process efficiencies
  • Enhanced preservation over lifetime of original document
  • Greater capabilities in sharing and mining information
  • Reduction in filing and retrieval time and costs

DoubleBridge Technologies uses state-of-the-art scanners which are capable of scanning color, grayscale, black/white or a combination of these formats up to a resolution of 600 dpi. Our scanners are able to scan both sides of a sheet simultaneously for documents that are duplex printed. The content of scanned documents can be made searchable where OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities are requested. The high quality images can be supplied via uploads to client systems, hosted on our servers and delivered thru secure tunnels via the Internet, or delivered on DVD/ CD or Digital Tape. DoubleBridge has scanned millions of document pages for our clients. Our document scanning process is designed to provide you with the utmost confidence that your critical original documents are being managed securely. Original documents can be returned quickly to your facilities via secure courier services, or stored under the management of DoubleBridge Technologies, for a predefined period that you define. We assure the best of quality, service and accuracy at highly competitive rates. Outsourcing your Document Scanning tasks to DoubleBridge Technologies will save you considerable investments of time and money. Let us provide the resources, skills and technology to fulfill your document scanning needs so that you can focus on succeeding in your job.

Indexing Services

By improving how information is stored, retrieved and shared, SharePoint helps people respond to customer demands, innovate more quickly, build stronger relationships and deliver services more efficiently.

Too many organizations believe that once a document has been finalized it can be discarded as it's unlikely to be required in the future. Unfortunately, we see many cases where the inability to find and retrieve critical corporate memory leads to catastrophic legal and compliance issues. Document indexing is the process that identifies important, defining content from documents and data files and constructs a catalog of keys to facilitate efficient and rapid searching of your document inventory using terms that usefully identify pieces of information. Using the services of a professional indexing team saves time, money and allows you to put priority resources to work on high value activities. By increasing the accessibility of important information an organization's business processes become more efficient, more useful, and, ultimately, more profitable. DoubleBridge Technologies provides quality-checked, automated OCR and data-entry keyboarding indexing services to provide the most flexible and cost-effective indexing services.

The Document Management Process

As a step-by-step process, DoubleBridge Technologies has found that the following process delivers the highest quality and most cost effective approach to managing a client's vital intellectual property and business records: Creation of property fields in the first step in preparing files for a document management solution (Property fields can contain common information and categories of information that are relevant to the users' business needs); Property fields are then populated with document/ customer specific data; Full text indexing is the next stage of the indexing process; Optical Character Recognition (OCR) takes images of text and converts them into machine-recognizable characters (OCR can be applied on common scanned formats including TIFF and PDF); The resultant index information allows users to search for and sort files by property fields. This ensures that information collection and organization is complete.