For Life Science, by Life Science professionals:

It takes 12 years on average for an experimental drug to travel from the laboratory to the medicine chest. Only five in 5,000 compounds that enter preclinical testing will actually progress into human clinical trials, and of these five, only one is likely to be approved by the regulatory authorities.

Experts forecast that the cost of producing a successful drug could top $2 billion by 2010 unless the pharmaceutical industry can identify new and better ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness of drug discovery and clinical trials. Cost pressures are enormous, even on those drugs already in the pipeline. In today's high-paced world of drug development, each day a new drug is not on store shelves can mean $1 million or more in lost revenues.

DoubleBridge Technologies with decade over experience in servicing the Global top 20 Pharmaceutical companies understands the time constrained business processes and offers a wide range of innovative solutions for Life Science Industry. DoubleBridge invests the domain expertise and technical know-how to address some of the prime challenges in Life Sciences.
Be a start up, medium sized business or Large Pharmaceutical our array of products are made for every purse and purpose. Some of the key areas covered by our product line include

  • Regulatory Document Management
  • eSubmissions in SharePoint
  • eCTD and NeeS Viewing Solutions
  • Submission Tracking and Archiving
  • Regulatory Event Tracking
  • Regulatory Auditing
  • Regulatory Requirements Management