System Integration


  • Computer System Integration: DoubleBridge provides the integration of computers and the network system, the LAN service, WAN design, installation, maintenance and training, database development, multimedia and application development. Application products include CISCI, NORTEL, 3COM, HP, IBM, SUN, NETSCREEN, CHECK POINT, etc.
  • Structural Synthesis Wiring: DoubleBridge provides structural wiring design, implementation, and maintenance. Major wiring systems includes IBM ACS, Lucent, AMP, Alctel, etc.
  • Database Integration: DoubleBridge can integrate various database systems, mainframes, and operating systems such as Oracle, IBM, DB2, Infomix, Sybase, and SQL Server.
  • Financial Computer and Network Maintenance: DoubleBridge provides the routine maintenance of the financial computer and network − for example, data backup, trouble shooting, network monitoring, updates, and enhancement.

System Features

  • Usability: Usability means making the new system fulfill the customers’ requirements by coordinating systems, people, and the environment. This results in creating a user friendly system with limited budget and time.
  • High-tech: Computer and network technology have been improved quickly. The technology innovation cycle is getting shorter. Therefore, from the technical point of view, we should build advanced systems for our customers, to avoid being obsolete in the near future.
  • System Security, Reliability, and Data Integrity:
    • System Security consists of defense against attacks on the system. These attacks cause information loss, destruction, and even system disaster.
    • System Reliability refers to system protection capability when system destruction is caused by objective factors.
    • Data Integrity means data accuracy and compatibility. Data is the number one “treasure” in the information system. If there is no integrity, data is merely a pile of “trash". We therefore place data integrity as the highest priority in our system design.
  • Manageability: Manageability is the most difficult task when recent computer systems are working properly. DoubleBridge designs the system to implement manageability by using a series of advanced mature technologies, training users, and including a customized management plan.
  • Extensibility: Because user’s business is continually developing, a new system is subject to providing updates without affecting the original hardware and software resource. To guarantee extensibility, the system must utilize “open” technology.
  • Efficiency: Under the premise of meeting the system requirements, efficiency requires selection of the highest performance to price ratio equipment, saving the investment, completing the entire computer/network construction with the lowest cost, and providing the greatest user benefit.