Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business process outsourcing is the outsourcing of some repetitive non-core or core business processes to a third-party service provider in order to cut costs and improve service quality. Business process outsourcing has become a trend in the industry. Our BPO service covers source data entry/processing, back office support, contact center, and comprehensive business personnel dispatch, etc. Personal information protection assessment (PIPA) provides our customers and third parties with assurances that our information security management system can meet the specified standards under contractual conditions.
Following the principle of "more correct, more prompt, and more secure", we provide the most suitable BPO service for our customers based on our technologies and rich practical experience.

Data Processing (entry/cleaning)

The business process outsourcing provided by DoubleBridge Technologies covers the all-round data processing service, including data entry and cleaning, and we can meet all requirements of customers for delivery date and quality through planning the project plan in a scientific and reasonable way.

Service Details

  • Processing of various applications and advance orders
  • Processing of postcards and New Years cards
  • Processing of business cards and registers
  • Processing of survey questionnaires
  • Data processing of sales vouchers, accounting, ordering, business, and inventory
  • Processing of medical expense bills and social security documents
  • Processing of examination papers and answers
  • Processing of various tax forms and statistical investigation data
  • Processing of meteorological and hydrological data
  • Electronization of textbooks, academic papers, legal documents, and patent documents, etc.
  • Literalization of HTML and XML/SGML

Analysis and Production

The business process outsourcing provided by DoubleBridge Technologies covers processing of online advertisement information, including arrangement and analysis of information, creation of network data, and maintenance of late-time data, etc. We provide high quality information services with high added value for our customers by applying specialist operational processes to meet all of our customers' delivery date and quality requirements.