Commercial Bank Customer Relationship Management

Different banks use different technology on platforms over a range of system development time. Therefore, it is hard for the controller to quickly apply the new idea to practice. The ultimate goal of banks is to best serve the customer. In order to achieve this goal, we apply the principles of the operations CRM, analytic CRM, and cooperation CRM models to all projects.
Operations CRM model is completed during the early stage of customer service. It not only provides customers financial services, information and consultancy, but also collects the customer data information. It covers all the channels of customer data collection: bank branches, ATM machines, telephone banking, corporate/personal banking, online banking, etc.

Analytic CRM model is based on customer information. It integrates and analyzes the customers data in order to tailor customer service, raise the credit of the bank, improve customer services. and increase profit margin. This is one of the main focuses of our system.
Cooperation CRM model covers customer cost analysis, customer ROI analysis, customer credit, risk analysis, and the account manager performance review.
To fulfill all of the above mentioned tasks, the system not only deals with the above basic information processing, but also with accounting information and other internal management information.


  • Data Management: This includes data storage definition, data integration, and data security management, etc.
  • Analysis System:
    • ROI analysis: The system will provide ROI analysis of each specific piece of customer information. It can further provide ROI for each of the bank's organizations and departments, and for each banking product.
    • Customer Credit Analysis.
    • Customer Transaction Analysis.
    • Customer Relationship Manager Performance Review.
    • Risk Analysis: This section is also part of the Bank Risk Management system.
  • Knowledge Base and Data Analysis: This professional data analysis tool provides functions to explore the correlation between corporations behavior, expectation, needs and client history. Through this data mining, you can better understand the in-depth relationship between the bank, its products, and its customers.

System Features

  • Is set up based on the database, and is scalable and flexible.
  • Provides powerful OLAP functions.
  • Provides various forecast and analysis models.
  • Utilizes centralized design, and has been through various phases. The customer’s ROI will benefit from all of the system features.