Core Banking Business System

The Core Banking Business System is the center of the entire banking business system. It is composed of the following three layers, which separate services, accounting, and central data management:

  • Presentation: Provides independent, reusable user interface.
  • Business: Supports a shareable and manageable business logic and communication mechanism.
  • Data: Manages the data

The system is built on a modular structure with an object-oriented concept. This ensures the loose coupling among different modules, as well as high scalability and extensibility. The business logic implementation is independent of the front-end GUI, which can be modified separately without interfering with each other.

System Features

  • Real time transaction, daily account consolidation.
  • Support the accounting regulations, and limited cashier privileges.
  • Extend and develop new business easily.
  • Twenty-four-hour continuous customer services.
  • Help finance management and decision making.
  • Automatic accounting calculation and accounting data entry.
  • Support account consolidation among internal, golden card center, and other partners.
  • Unified local and foreign currency.
  • Ensure operation manageability and security.
  • Powerful, user-friendly search engine.

Solution Overview

  • Business Corporation
  • Backoffice Support Services
  • Loans
  • Business and Management Operation
  • Settlement Services