Financial Risk Management Platform

In today's market, the competition in the financial industry is fiercer than ever. The most important thing for financial institutions is to prevent and resolve financial risk. 'How to effectively manage and control risk through the business process and minimize possible losses' has become a popular topic among financial institutions. Moreover, along with new international accounting standards, it brings more stress on financial institutions.
Thus, it becomes crucial for financial institutions to establish a platform to effectively monitor and manage financial risk. The key point here is financial data integration, because it will be used for risk analysis, risk forecast and evaluation, and risk prevention and resolution. DoubleBridge's financial risk management platform provides a perfect solution for this issue.


  • Control Center : Powerful visual report designing function s and submitting tools are provided and based on organization al structure, schema management regulation, access privilege, and system configuration. Complete customer service is provided through component-based technology.
  • Data Collection: Consolidates the database , based on the theme and time schedule of the management department. Store s the data in the central database. It can be adapted to all kinds of heterogeneous data sources .
  • Consolidation Analysis: Multi-level risk data is consolidated and analyzed.
  • Risk Forecasting and Monitoring : The system will send out risk warnings and index forecasts based on a pre-defined risk index.