Online Banking

Online banking is a brand new business model that has been developed along with the development of the Internet. It connects the bank with the customer through the Internet, and provides the customer with faster and easier online banking operations.
An online banking system consists of a firewall, WEB server, database server, trading control server, application server, etc. Major services include personal online banking, business online banking, and financial information, etc.


Personal Online Banking
  • Personal Account: The customer can check the account, daily balance, transaction history, and online purchase history.
  • Fund Transfer: Internal fund transfer and external fund transfer services are provided.
  • Trade Account Fund Transfer: The customer can transfer money directly between a bank/credit card account and a trading account.
  • Foreign Exchange: The customer can purchase or sell foreign currencies, cancel any transactions, and search for service information.
  • Online Payment: The customer can make a purchase directly on certain websites sponsored by the bank, and get confirmation information from the bank instantly.
  • Remittance: Individuals or businesses can send remittances to anyone , and almost anywhere in the country.
  • Loan and Mortgage: The customer can apply for loans/mortgages by filling out forms online. A mortgage calculator is provided to help the customer manage mortgages.
  • Account Maintenance: The customer can easily change their password and contact information, customize the user interface, report an account loss, or cancel the account loss report through online banking.
  • Banking Information: Information on investment and personal financial management is provided to help the customer to meet their financial needs and goals.

Business Online Banking

  • Business Account: The client can check the account, daily balance, and transaction histories.
  • Internal Funds Transfer: Funds can be easily transferred among different accounts of the same client.
  • Accounts Payable: The client can set up payments to any vendors.
  • Salary Payment: The client can schedule salary payments to its employees.

System Features

  • Security: This is online banking's most crucial point. A complete security system including firewall, CA certification, user password authentication, database safety, and real-time monitoring must be set up to protect the customers.
  • Usability: The system provides simple operations for the customer.
  • Sophisticated Features: A multi-level structure is adopted to separate business logic and data storage.
  • Scalability: For future business development, the whole system is built on top of different modules.